A comic feast of friendship, sex and wine.

In 2016 Grace Rouvray spewed some words into the digital sphere in the form of a blog and as it was, people in the digital sphere liked her vomit. Women the world over shared Grace’s musings about someone who was making sense of their love life with a counsel of girlfriends and a shitload of wine. An audience reared their heads from behind their computer screens/their babies/their briefcases to concur that they related. They went straight to their ‘tight pack of lady friends’ to identify themselves within the story and the story travelled rapidly across the female tribes... The writing was on the (Facebook) wall and it occurred to us that we had chanced upon a special kind of viral power generated by a ‘queen pack’ audience. We popped a cork, toasted our digital gal pals and decided to birth a web series – 600 Bottles of Wine.

Originally intended to be released online 600 Bottles of Wine had its world premiere on BBC Three in May of 2018. The show has since been acquired by Network Ten, TVNZ OnDemand, BBC iPlayer, Virgin Australia In-flight Entertainment and soon to be released on BBC One, BBC Two and Channel Eleven.

Never one to follow the rules, the series has also broken the mould in terms of format. 600 Bottles of Wine has been acquired as both a 8 x 9’ web-series and 4 x18’ series for TV. The series has defied the web-series vs TV distinction and straddles both #LikeABoss

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