Hannah Barlow

Q: What was the inspiration for this work?

I was commissioned to do this piece for a theatre show almost five years ago and now can't even remember what that was but I do remember what I wanted to express while I was painting it. I was exploring the daily difficulty a woman has in choosing her needs over fulfilling expectations. I think was having a conversation with myself about my perception of 'indulgence' and why I shame myself over needing time to relax, in order to function. The inspiration for that comes from an ongoing internal battle to please both myself and others, which I think is universal.

Q: How is this related to 600 Bottles of Wine? Ie, why, in your opinion, does the artwork suit the series?

The reason we love wine so much is because it is an acceptable, respected beverage which permits us to reveal who we want and occasionally need to be: unfiltered, carefree and a little inappropriate/fabulous (depending on who you're around). Like all people, when I drink wine I am way more honest in general because that dominant voice in my head who constantly tells me to "be better" is drowned out by a caged queen who sings "fuck it" loudly and proudly. Wine Me is Dominant Me's naughty friend who Tomorrow Morning Me wants to punch in the face, but Future & Past Me condescendingly adores. I think with this series we're watching a woman trying to give herself permission to be all versions of herself, with the assistance of some deep reds and excellent girlfriends. To draw a connection... the painting is of someone a little deflated by her desire to be all aspects of herself at once or perhaps, hungover.

Q: What's your drink of choice?

Cab Sav or if I'm feeling reeeaaaaal fancy, a Zinfandel.

Q: Favourite movie/TV series & why?

Ugh, too hard to answer. The long version of this answer proves that I am a fanatic consumer of content. TV shows I'm watching this week: 'Queer Eye' (which you absolutely must make time for) & 'Seinfeld' (ditto). Movies I've seen recently that I loved: 'Woman at War', 'Good Manners' and 'You're Next'.

Q: What drives you?

The fact that no matter who, where, when, what and why you are... there's always something to learn and an opportunity to grow. That, and soft cheese (I'm lactose intolerant).

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